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Welcome to Greenwich Youth Lacrosse

Greenwich Youth Lacrosse (GYL) is the founding lacrosse program to the town of Greenwich, CT. GYL is the only non profit lacrosse organization in Greenwich serving Kindergarten through 8th grade boys and girls since 1972. GYL is a member of the CONNY lacrosse association in the state of Connecticut and Westchester/Bronx NY. CONNY serves all town-based programs and promotes a season-ending league tournament at Yale University. GYL has trained tens of thousands of players since its inception and prides itself on teaching the game of lacrosse through sportsmanship, respect for the individual, integrity, effort, enjoyment, teamwork and loyalty. 



Coaches & Volunteers

GYL is always looking for parents, siblings or former players to help out with coaching needs in House League and Travel. If you or someone you know is interested please reach out directly to Pat Coleman (boys) or Alison Knight (girls) and we will get you set up with a spot on the field and a whistle in hand!

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2017 Key Dates

2017 Key Dates

January 3rd: Registration Opens for House League and Travel

March 4th, 5th: Travel Tryouts for Grades 5-8  ***Time and Place TBD***

March 11th, 12th: Travel Tryouts for Grades 5-8  ***Time and Place TBD***

March 13thTravel Begins (5-8 Boys & Girls)

March 18thHouse League Begins (K - 4)

March 18th: Intro to Travel Begins (3-4 Boys, 4 Girls) **Time and Place TBD**

May 26thHouse League Ends

June 3rd, 4th - Season-Ending CONNY Tournament for Grades 5 and 6 (Boys & Girls Travel Only)

June 10th, 11th - Season-Ending CONNY Tournament for Grades 7 and 8 (Boys & Girls Travel Only)

**For More Information Click GYL Program Information Tab and click on Key Dates 2017**




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NEW AGE Based Player Segmentation - Boys & Girls Travel

CONNY Lacrosse has implemented a new Grade-Based Player Segmentation Policy in order to further the programs concern of fairness and safety with our players in addition to those who we compete against.The CONNY Lacrosse Board (GYL is a CONNY Board member) modified the proposed US Lacrosse Grade-Based Segmentation rules to its current policy below. It was unanimously approved by all 70 CONNY member towns including Darien, New Canaan and Rye. This policy will be implemented for the start of the 2017 season.

The change impacts Travel Players in grades 5-7. For those players, the age cutoff will be September 1st of the year preceding the season. Those born before September 1st will automatically play up one grade. Players who are “young in grade” have the option of staying with their own grade or can opt to play down a grade if they so choose. You must designate at the time of registration that you are playing down. 8th grade players have been offered an 18 month extended range for play. See below:


Grade              Birthday Range (Oldest – Youngest)

8                      March 1 2002 – August 31 2003

7                      September 1 2003 – August 31 2004

6                      September 1 2004 – August 31 2005

5                      September 1 2005 – August 31 2006


Players born before their oldest birthday range must play up this year based on the new policy.

Players born after their youngest birthday range have the option to play with their actual grade or with the grade below them.         


For more information please click on the below links or reach out directly to Pat Coleman at   


2017 CONNY Grade-Based Player Segmentation Policy

2017 CONNY Grade-Based Player Segmentation FAQs

2017 CONNY Birthday Ranges By Grade


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GYL Statement on Player Commitment

In light of the tremendous growth of youth lacrosse, in particular the increasing number of playing options for elementary and middle school children in Greenwich, GYL is repeating here its standing policy on Player Commitment. In addition, US Lacrosse provides the following article, 5 Big Things Every Lacrosse Parent Should Know as guidance in raising your young athletes. 



GYL Statement on Player  / Family Commitment and Guiding Principles


Greenwich Youth Lacrosse teaches our players about the great game of lacrosse in a fun, safe and supportive environment.  We strive to instill in our players the critical values of hard work, dedication, team orientation, unselfishness and sportsmanship. In service of these objectives:

  • Participation on a GYL Travel team requires enthusiasm, focus and 100% effort, both during practice as well as games. 
  • We expect players on every GYL team (House League and Travel) to attend all practices and games in their entirety.  
  • Players who anticipate missing a practice or game for any reason must email or call their coach prior to the practice or game. 
  • Players who miss practices or games without good reason (school, religion, family or health) may lose playing time or their position on the team.
  • Lacrosse is expected to be your PRIORITY during the spring season.  Other extracurricular activities will NOT be considered a “good reason” for missing practices or games.  Any successful team relies on all its members giving their best at ALL events, and missing practices or games during the spring season doesn’t help the team succeed. 
  • The “Tom Coughlin” rule applies to players and parents alike: “If you’re 5 minutes early, you’re late.”  Prompt arrival and pick-up is part of the program.
  • Our officials do a spectacular job, but they are human and will make mistakes from time to time.  We expect that players, coaches and parents, will accord officials respect no matter what the situation, and no matter what the call.  That behavior is consistent not only with good sportsmanship but the core principals of GYL.
  • Similarly, coaches are committed to doing the best they can to support player and team growth and success.  As with officials, they are human and will also make mistakes from time to time.  If parents have any questions or constructive feedback for coaches, which we welcome, please use good judgment as to when and how to approach the coach.  Immediately after a game is generally speaking the wrong time.  Perhaps the next day or so by email or after the next practice might allow for a more thoughtful discussion of the issue in question. 
  • While clearly an important team goal, winning isn't the only thing we care about at GYL.  We stress good sportsmanship at all times.  We win games with humility and we lose with class.  Above all, we strive to learn from our collective mistakes that will inevitably be made in order to improve.

GYL is a long time participant of the Positive Coaching Alliance.  Our coaches take a PCA training course each year and we encourage parents to review the PCA’s "Tools for Parents" section, which includes tips for a positive parent/coach partnership.  There are also "Tools for Athletes" section which provides valuable information such as learning how to compete.  These are all great tools for GYL athletes and parents that will contribute to a better positive, character-building youth sports experience.   

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New App for Android and iPhone


LeagueAthletics Mobile App is available through iTunes and Android app stores. The app can be used by coaches, players and fans. Download for Android or iPhone only.

Download the app to your mobile device today. It will be updated as the season begins.

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GYL is a proud member of the Positive Coaching Alliance. 





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