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Tryout Information (Boys and Girls Travel grades 5th - 8th)

  • Boys and Girls will hold four sessions of tryouts.
  • Players must attend tryouts to ensure they get evaluated fairly. 
  • There is no minimum requirement for GYL tryouts.  We have been received several emails about missing tryouts for a variety of reasons, and we respect all of them. We have made it very clear that in order for your boys and girls to get the best possible evaluation, they attend all 4 tryouts. We understand that there are conflicts.
  • GYL has a minimum of 8-10 selectors that do their best to evaluate each child. 
  • The teams are grade specific. The profile for these teams changes yearly and we discuss this at the conclusion of tryouts. 
  • Teams are divided according to ability (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3), participate in CONNY and compete in the June post season tournament.
  • Please note that these team configurations, for all grade levels, can change each year due to the changes in grade enrollment. 
  • We do our best to accommodate all participants and have not, to date, had to cut any players from travel. 
  • Our ultimate goal is to place each child on the team they would benefit most. The most effective way to do this is to show up for all travel tryouts.
  • We ask that all parents respect the decisions of the selectors and not interfere with the process. Players, Coaches and Parents are asked to sign a commitment letter and code of conduct. It asks you to make Lacrosse your priority in the Spring. It also asks you to be respectful toward one another.
  • Lacrosse should be the number one sport for the Spring season. If you expect to have reasonable playing time on the teams then you are expected to make every practice and game scheduled, except for school and family reasons.   
  • If lacrosse is not your number one Spring sport or you do not attend any tryouts then you will be placed on a team as determined by the selectors.

Intro To Travel Tryout Information (Boys grades 3rd - 4th)

  • Date and Location TBD

Intro To Travel Tryout Information (Girls 4th grade)

  • Date and Location TBD

Travel Tryout FAQs

  • “Can my child make an A or B team after one session?” Yes, although it is the rare exception.
  • “What if I can only attend two tryouts?” This is your decision, not ours. The more you showcase your skills and athleticism, the better the chance to make an appropriate team.
  • “Does GYL respect other commitments?” Absolutely! It is why we have 4 tryouts over two weekends.
  • “Does going to all 4 tryouts ensure better placement?” Not necessarily. GYL tryouts are about the quality of your child’s performance! In most cases, we have found that a player gets the most appropriate placement with more “looks.”
  • “Do I need to email the coaches if I am going to miss?” While we appreciate your thoughtfulness, it is not necessary during tryouts. We take attendance at each session and trust that you have a commitment that precludes you from attending.
  • “My child made the team. Now what?” GYL requires you to be committed throughout the entire season once the teams are placed. We respect all family, school and religious conflicts. But, this must be your spring season extra-curricular activity! There will be loss of play and possible dismissal from the team for unexcused absences.
  • "Who runs tryouts, 3d or GYL?" GYL runs the entire evaluation process. 
  • "How do I plan for tryouts?" Simple. For the past 15 years, tryouts commence on the first Saturday in March. They are typically held on that first weekend and the following weekend in March. 

We care about getting this right and hope that you now have a better understanding of how to give your child the best possible chance to make the appropriate team.